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About Kids In Motion

About Kids in Motion

The hallmark of the Kids in Motion approach lies in our therapists’ abilities to treat the underlying causes of a child’s issues, not just the outward symptoms that we see. This requires command of the highest levels of evaluative skills possible in our professions and is what distinguishes our therapists from others.

For over 25 years, our physical, occupational and speech therapists have been hand-selected for their expertise and rigorous advanced training, making our team the most experienced and established in the region.  We are, therefore, a small center because of our unwavering commitment to offering therapy services at the expert level only, and nothing less. 

Our therapy model thus remains unchanged since we were established in 1988, fulfilling the dreams of our founding therapists who wished to launch a premier center for the treatment of children in Chicago’s southwest suburbs. 

Today, we still follow these unwavering principles of excellence. The result is that our therapy is highly focused, child-centered and extremely effective.


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